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3 Kinds Of People Who Should Try Isometric Training


3 Kinds Of People Who Should Try Isometric Training

Here at Proactive Lifestyle Fitness, we specialize in isometric workouts. As we discussed in a previous blog post, this is a much different style of working out than you’ll find in many other fitness centers in the Katy, Texas, area.

At our gym, we won’t pressure you to attend boot camp, zumba, or yoga classes. We won’t make you use a lot of different machines if you don’t want to. Our personal trainers are interested in helping you to achieve your optimal level of fitness in a way that works with your body and experience level.

We truly believe that isometric workouts are accessible to everyone, but there are some types of people who can specifically benefit from this type of exercise. They include

People Who’ve Never Worked Out Before

Maybe you’ve spent the last few years chasing after kids and keeping the household from falling apart. Or maybe you’ve been strapped to a desk working a 9 to 5 job in which you barely stood up for the entire day. No matter how long it’s been since you darkened the door of a gym, an isometric workout can be helpful to you.

People Who Are Recovering From Injury

Are you recovering from an illness or injury? Did you used to be strong, but have since lost a lot of your muscle mass because you simply haven’t been using one of your limbs? Isometric workouts utilize the weight of your body and the tension of your muscles to build strength, and this is something anyone can do.

People Who Are Experiencing Age-Related Muscle Loss

When you think of the type of people who work out at a fitness center, you probably imagine young, healthy individuals in the prime of their life. When people get older, they often stop participating in physical activities and as a result, they tend to lose muscle mass. This is unhealthy and can actually lead to additional problems for seniors.

No matter who you are or what your exercise background is, isometric workouts can help you achieve a new level of fitness.

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