Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own nutrition coach and registered dietitian with you at all times? Well at Proactive Lifestyle Fitness, you can! With our RD program you can learn how to better yourself inside and out, just from what you eat. With our health coach, Natalie, on your side, you’ll learn how simple healthy eating can be when you know exactly what to do. Exercise is only beneficial if you are properly nourishing your body along with it; with our nutrition coach and registered dietitian services, you can get the most out of all the hard work you’re putting in.

Topics you can expect to cover:


  • Get to know each other through an in–depth consultation.
  • Figure out what your goals are.
  • Determine what it will take to reach your goals.

Basic Eating Habits You Should Follow

  • Learn the importance of each meal throughout the day.
  • How meals affect your metabolism.
  • How often you should be eating.
  • What foods give you the most energy.
  • How to prepare balanced meals properly.
  • Build you a meal schedule that is easy to follow and stick to.

Learn About What Macronutrients Do

  • Vitamins and minerals.
  • Their importance.
  • How to identify starches vs. non-starches.

Food Sensitivity Issues

  • Sensitivity testing to determine what is affecting your body.
  • Learn how they develop.
  • Learn how to heal your body.
  • Overcome sensitivity issues.

Debunk Common Nutrition Fads And Myths5-reasons-V02

  • Fat and cholesterol myths.
  • Media fads and the truth.
  • Explore common diet trends.


  • How to properly detox.
  • How toxicity affects body weight.
  • How to cleanse your body.
  • Our 10-day protocol program.

Stress and Inflammation

  • Learn what they are and how they affect you.
  • What physical symptoms are.
  • Ways to manage stress and inflation.
  • How sugar plays a role.


  • How quality foods affect your body.
  • Importance for health and vitality.
  • Identify where you can get quality foods.


  • Mindfulness can be obtained through real food.
  • Learn how to constantly be in a state of presence and awareness.
  • Eating and meditation.

Grocery Store Tour

  • Tour your local neighborhood store.
  • Learn how to read labels.
  • Learn how to get nutritious foods.
  • Learn how to decipher nutrition facts and claims.

Restructuring Your Beliefs

  • Explore how to retrain your mind on how you think about food.
  • Build a good relationship with food and how you interact with it.

Eating out, Traveling, and Celebration

  • Develop a good plan when you are eating out.
  • How routines work.
  • Learn how to eat right when in “junk” filled places.
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