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What’s So Special About Isometrics?


What’s So Special About Isometrics?


One thing that sets Proactive Lifestyle Fitness apart from other gyms in the Katy, Texas, area is that we specialize in isometric exercise. This is a special method of isolating and strengthening muscles that has drastically lower risk for injury.

Want to know more about what what makes isometrics to special? Keep reading to learn why we believe an isometric workout is one of the smartest and most efficient ways to get fit.

Understanding Muscle Movement

There are a million fly-by-night exercise routines available on the internet. Some claim to be able to give you rock-hard abs in five minutes a day, while other say that all you need to do is buy their exercise equipment and the pounds will just melt away.

Isometrics pushes aside all this fluff and focuses on what we actually know about how muscles work. Muscles only contract in three ways: concentric, eccentric, and isometric. In an isometric workout, muscles will be encouraged to tense without changing length. This happens when a bodybuilder tenses and holds their muscles for the camera, or when you put your hands on a solid wall and push.

Isometric Workouts Are Accessible To Everyone

One thing that makes isometric workouts so special is that they don’t require the intense impact, heavy lifting, or cardiovascular stress associated with other types of exercises. This means isometric workouts are perfect for those who’ve never worked out before in their life, those who are recovering from an injury, or those who may be dealing with age-related muscle loss.

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