Since that makes a true difference that you can feel.

Proactive Lifestyle Fitness is your friendly science-based fitness center that is committed to you; we do not focus on marketing myths and trends, we use scientifically proven facts to lead you towards your goal of becoming a better you. As a private boutique that has science at the core, Proactive Lifestyle Fitness strives to provide a comfortable and personable environment with the layout and amenities of a larger high-end facility.

There is WAY more to exercise than what our industry currently provides. Everything that we do has science at the root; we want to ensure that there is ZERO guesswork and that the solution we provide is as unique as the individual. There is no one size fits all in our facility. We work with each one of our clients one-on-one to ensure that every exercise is correct for you, basing your workout off your movements, metabolic footprint, and goals.

What you set out to do, we help you accomplish.

At Proactive Lifestyle Fitness, it is our goal to be the resource you need to accomplish your goals; what you set out to do, can come true. By running specialized metabolic testing and training with isophit-isometric exercises, we believe that we are the reason so many of our clients can change their life around. With our highly educated personal trainers, we are able to focus on the physics of forces of your body and what is occurring “inside”, instead of measuring by arbitrary things. We also have a registered dietitian on staff who allows us to tailor food and supplement protocols for each individual that we work with, ensuring that your fitness is made our priority in a unique way.

It is not just about working out, it is about the way that you do it. Come into today for your free seven-day pass and see why Proactive Lifestyle Fitness is not just your average, boring gym.