Isometric Workouts With ISOPHIT

A workout like no other.

At Proactive Lifestyle Fitness we offer our ISOPHIT™ training for a fast, safe and effective isometric workout like you’ve never had before. If going to the gym has scared you before, isometric exercise may be the perfect workout for you.

Our detailed isometric exercise program has been carefully and thoroughly researched to give you all the benefits of a workout with the use of one simple piece of equipment. Working more than 650 muscles, ISOPHIT has been scientifically proven to work in ways that other workouts simply don’t. Develop your cardiovascular system, enhance your athletic performance, increase your muscle strength, and rehabilitate your body with isometric workouts.

Expect a Difference.

Say goodbye to weight lifting and repetitive exercises, and hello to the new age of isometric exercise. This powerful new age of fitness implements a cross bar that can move 180 degrees. Working with a personal trainer, your one-on-one isometric exercise session is completely customized to you and what your body needs. Your trainer at Proactive Lifestyle Fitness can adjust the crossbar and corresponding arm supports to target specific muscle groups, giving you a workout like you have never experienced. Following our isometric workout program will dramatically change your muscle strength, stability, and cardiovascular system as a whole. Customized to your goals and your needs, ISOPHIT will give your the results you desire.


How it Works.

ISOPHIT is based on isometric training and is one of the safest and most effective exercises that you can do. Contracting your muscles without moving your joints has been proven to deliver a drastic result in comparison to weight training and cardiovascular machines. With your joints in a fixed position or against a hard surface, you’re less likely to hurt yourself while doing isometric exercises. This makes it possible to focus on improving your muscle strength, endurance, and stability.

During isometric workouts, we’re able to restrict your body’s desired movement pattern, contracting your muscles and giving you a full body challenge. Our multi-patented Force-Machine Technology™ responds to the effort that you put in and challenges you in an effective way. Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to exercise, ISOPHIT will help you achieve strength, burn fat, decrease your pain, and improve a variety of existing conditions that you may have. Get started today, and see why our clients are so excited about isometric exercise!