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At Proactive Lifestyle no matter what your fitness history looks like, everyone is welcome. We are not your average gym, but rather a fitness center that is based on science, used to target your goals and needs. Going much deeper than just the surface, we address all of your concerns, educating you on your body’s functions, and guiding you towards living a happier, healthier life. Proactive Lifestyle believes people shouldn’t be forced to fit predetermined exercises but that exercises and programs should be created for the individual. No two people are the same, and their exercise programs should be as unique as they are.

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Science-based fitness with Personal Trainers. In today’s society, it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t when it comes to gyms and fitness. Are diets good? Do pills work? Can I really lose weight that easily? It’s our goal to provide you with the facts and information you need, to get you the results you are after.

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Isometric Workouts with IsoPhit. At Proactive Lifestyle Fitness we offer our ISOPHIT™ training for a fast, safe and effective isometric workout like you’ve never had before. If going to the gym has scared you before, isometric exercise may be the perfect workout for you.

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Using Science to Treat You. KORR Solutions may sound like a scary thing, but if we told you that we had an effective way to help quicken your results, wouldn’t you give it a try? With our VO2 Max metabolic testing, we can help you reach your fitness goals quicker and more efficiently.

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Reboot is our 6 week exercise and nutrition system designed to help you lose weight and keep it off, for good. This experience is designed to help you feel your best, look your best, and enjoy living a healthier life, every single day.

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Welcome to REBUILD, our training program specifically designed for individuals over 45. As we age, it can be harder to stay active and healthy. Things we used to do just don’t feel the same, and it can be concerning. That's why we've created a program that helps improve: strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility.

All while reducing risk!

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Our body will set limits on our movement, by creating an “internal splint”. When your body is not confident in it’s ability to be in a position, it will intentionally stop you from moving there. Our solution to this is a multi-faceted process which starts with a thorough assessment identifying how your body wants to move as everyone has unique bone lengths and joint structures (one size does not fit all). This allows us to very strategically and safely apply forces to your body to create the desired adaptations we are looking for, such as an increase in your muscle’s ability to contract and create force.


Medical Conditions

Because of our individualized approach to exercise and constant study of anatomy and physiology, we are capable of working with a multitude of diagnosed medical conditions. Both musculoskeletal and neurological. We pride ourselves on filling the void between medical treatments and fitness programs.


Sports Performance Optimization

Our focus here is not on replication of sport or movement, but to optimize the system’s performance. We look at the individual’s structure and force production. This allows an athlete to increase their range of motion and control. Athletes are very capable of hiding muscle weaknesses because their system becomes very good at creating compensatory patterns, however, improving the function of all of their systems muscles will improve their sports performance and decrease their risk of injury. We have installed this process with professional level athletes and have had great success.



We put science in your corner to make your weightloss journey safer and more effective. With our Korr metabolic testing system we can identify exactly how many calories a day your body requires so that we can create the appropriate deficit for your system. We are very strategic in how we ask you to move and exercise, you will not be doing exercises that you are not ready for or asked to haphazardly move just to burn calories. We begin with baseline measurements and an in depth analysis that gives us measurable data to ensure we are accomplishing our goals.


Proactive Aging

Aging brings changes and our bodies experience wear from a lifetime of use. Some of these changes can be delayed through appropriate exercise, a process we call Proactive Aging. There is no reason to wait until there is a serious medical issue requiring an invasive solution. As we age our muscles contraction capabilities and bone density decreases. Our goal is to increase your muscles ability to contract which will have a dramatic impact on your mobility, available ranges of motion (flexibility), and balance. Appropriate input of forces on your system can also have a very positive impact on your bone density.